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The Rise of Kaizen Age®...

Kaizen Age came to fruition in late 2016 after founder Simon Lack was travelling overseas. The ability to get away from everyday working life provided a tremendous amount of stress relief and enjoyment, which got Simon thinking, there must be ways to deploy this elevated mental state in day-to-day life.

Already a health and fitness fanatic, Simon delved further into wellness by practising meditation, yoga, utilising sensory deprivation tanks, and testing out all sorts of nutritional supplements, in particular, nootropics.

After realising the massive benefits of nootropics for supporting his physical and mental state in daily life, Simon was frustrated at the lack of availability of these supplements in New Zealand. Having to pay upwards of $30.00 for shipping on a supplement seemed unnecessary and avoidable. Thus, he began working with various nutritional consultants to create a nootropic product that people like himself could utilise, without having to incur expensive shipping costs. Nine months later, Vita MIND - New Zealand's first plant-based multi-nootropic supplement - was born.


“Kaizen Age has been established with the sole purpose to improve the world. Everything that we do is done to better society, whether it be selling our nootropic supplement and donating a portion of the sales to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, or benefiting people through providing nutritional, fitness, or other well-being actionable information.

We aim to make people more efficient, healthier, and happier, all whilst making a conservative effort to limit our effect on the environment.” 

- Simon Lack (Founder of Kaizen Age)


When you invest time and money into our supplements, you gain the massive benefits of mental clarity today, and you'll be helping fund the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to improve the health & wellbeing of our fellow citizens for generations to come.



Simon Lack - Kaizen Age


Managing Director / Founder

Email: simon.lack@kaizenage.com

Hayden Taylor - Kaizen Age


Marketing Communications Manager

Email: hayden.taylor@kaizenage.com