Fight Back Against Mental Fatigue!

Fight Back Against Mental Fatigue!

All too often we’re bogged down with work and tasks that we don’t like doing, but we have to in order to make a living. We call these needs ‘day jobs’, or the ‘daily grind’, and while even some jobs can be tolerable, most of us would rather be doing other things with our life than being stuck working late nights to meet deadlines.

It can be quite overwhelming at times, being stuck looking at a computer screen and typing words that, quite frankly, start to not even look like words after a while!! This sort of behaviour heavily affects our mood and state of well-being, and it crosses over to our personal lives, like our relationships, our aspirations, motivations, and many more areas.

How are you suppose to enjoy your relaxation time, your time in which to unwind after work, when the stresses of work carry over to your personal life? How are you going to get that side business up and running when you’re too mentally fatigued to put it in motion after finishing your day job? The nuisances of the aspiration-killing day job are never-ending, but you can fight back against it! Using tools such as exercise, meditation, and nutrition, you can start to gather the energy and mental clarity to push yourself into a newer, more improved version of yourself.


Now I know what you’re saying, “How am I even supposed to do all those things when I don’t have the time to fit them into my life in the first place?”. It’s true, we all have only 24 hours in a day. Subtract 8 hours in which you need to sleep, that’s 16 hours to play with. But wait, we lose another 8 hours with work and say an extra hour in which to get to and from the workplace. That leaves us with 7 hours free in the day, but we also have to shower and eat breakfast in the morning, and then again for dinner in the night too, so take another 2 hours away. What’s left? 5 hours then? “No, I’ve got to stay late in the office most nights!”. Damn, so we only have 2-3 hours of spare time to do as we please? That’s not a lot, no wonder we don’t have the motivation to do any tasks remotely beneficial to our wellness. And what’s worse is when we do finally have spare time on our hands we have so many distractions: TV, Netflix, the bar just down the road, social media and even the internet in general, the list continues!

Did you know that there are nutrients that people take to counteract these strains of life? Yeap, you can actually consume nutrients that support your mental performance and mood, allowing you to push through mental fatigue and grab onto your life with both hands. They’re called nootropics; however, Silicon Valley calls them ‘Smart Drugs’. Why? Because they work. CEOs of big corporations are people just like yourself. The only difference is they use specific tools to optimise their minds for the stresses of daily life.

Here at Kaizen Age, we're trying to completely revolutionise the productivity of the individual so that you can focus on doing more of what you actually want to do (i.e. your hobbies!), and less of what you need to do (i.e. the daily grind). Thus, making you a happier and healthier individual, which will allow you to perform in your peak state!

Our plant-based multi-nootropic supplement is specifically designed to get you into a peak flow state by supporting your mental performance and mood. Vita MIND is a 10-ingredient formula, that works by providing nutrients for the brain.  Click here for full detail.

"It's been awesome. Being injured and driving long distances for work had put a dampener on my personal life with being tired and sore. Since taking it I've felt less lethargic, more energetic, and focused throughout my day. Thus, putting me in a better mood to enjoy what I want to do. Gave something new a shot and stoked with the outcome."

Stop living like the average 99% and start living like the top 1% today.


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