We Fear Our Own Greatness

We Fear Our Own Greatness

We fear our own greatness, what we see in our most perfect moments in that position of self-realisation hints at what one might become. It seems as if we lack the courage to accept that we actually might be able to become that and take that chance. Anyone who has achieved something we deem as worthwhile has stepped radically outside their shell and forever beyond their comfort zone. We must take the examples of Hannibal crossing the Alps, or Kate Sheppard and her supporters fighting to be the first women in history to vote, and apply it to our own lives. 

The path to transcendence is to shed our chrysalis and fly. I have seen this in myself. I see my disposition as timid, I feel I have dealt with the constraints of obsessive self-consciousness and fear and angst, yet perfect moments I have had, I have moved beyond myself to see, what Martin Luther would say, are greener pastures. I have tapped into something that is larger than myself, and it's when this happens that your best work emerges. Your willingness to be surprised by yourself and what you need to become to be considered as a crack in that shedding of the old skin, and the sooner you accept that is what it is, the sooner you will reach a greater potential. There is no end goal because the goal is fluid and your transition is never static. If we can live without fear then, I don't know? Maybe we have won. 

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