This Is Why Supermarkets Are Making Us Fat

Marketers and advertisers have set up the layout of the supermarket to trap you into making bad decisions and ultimately cause you to spend more money. In a world full of preservatives, we’re here to provide you with the plan to escape the pitfalls of the supermarket, so that you’re able to eat the REAL food available. 

Tip 1: Go Around the Outside
Think about it, when you walk into a supermarket, what’s the first thing you’ll come across? The produce section. What’s next after that? Meat. After that? Dairy. Then? Frozen's. Followed swiftly be the checkout counters. All of the sections mentioned above are the natural foods that have a very limited shelf life (except for frozen's), hence why they’re not actually on a shelf.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Tempted into Strolling Down the Aisles
Supermarket aisles are the bane of modern society. They’re packed full of items with preservatives and stabilisers (e.g. canned chicken). There are exceptions to this; obviously, you can still attain items from the aisles, like eggs and peanut butter, etc., but try to avoid buying excessive amounts of your groceries from the middle of the supermarket. The easiest way to do this is by following our next tip.

Tip 3: Write a Shopping List Before Going
Having everything you need to get on paper (or phone) will stop you from wandering around the store making impulse purchases which add to your waistline and take away from your wallet. With a shopping list, you can be in and out of a supermarket within 20 minutes.

Following these three tips will not only keep your diet on track, but it will also probably save you a lot of money in the long run. For information on how you can fuel your body to perform at it's peak, take a look at our Guide to Micronutrients article.

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