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As an Analyst, problem solving, speed, and accuracy are the most important parts of the job. I got onto Vita MIND because I was looking for something to take me to the next level both at work, and on the golf course. After the first 4 days using Vita MIND I noticed that my ability to maintain focus throughout the day had increased, as well as my mood and energy levels, leaving me far more productive at work. On the golf course I was able to control my emotions, maintain concentration, and ultimately resulted in more consistent scoring. This has made me enjoy my work and play so much more!

Sam Shields

I've been using Vita MIND for a month now and have found the effects extremely beneficial with my day to day activities. Being an aspiring professional athlete while working a full-time job, I need a tool to retain my mental edge throughout the whole day with training and work, and I have found Vita MIND has given me this. I'm now feeling fresh and confident and it's helping me reach my full potential.

Andrew Fletcher

The pressures of a busy job in consulting and studying on the side demand some serious cognitive application at times. I am always looking to enhance that through diet, exercise, meditation, and the like. Vita MIND is another string in that bow and has helped me to perform at my peak.

Ben Mayer

I usually get bogged out staring at a screen editing, driving long distances and exploring. My mind is actively working away day and night. I used to drink energy drinks daily to keep me awake but I crashed hard and the concentration wasn't there. Introduce Vita MIND from Kaizen Age and the turbo has definitely kicked in. 

Nick Gee

Since taking Vita MIND, I have had a lot more energy, which means that I have been reaching for the coffee pot less often. I have also noticed my mood is now more balanced and upbeat even when I am under the pump at work.

Alyssa Dunlop

I've been taking two capsules every morning after breakfast and have noticed a significant change in the longevity of my focus. Whether it's coding, analysing data or conducting presentations, I can stay in the zone for an extra few hours which makes a world of difference to my daily output. In a world full of distractions, it's great to have a supplement for tunnel vision focus. 

Kazuki Campbell

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